What is Dysbiosis?

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Dysbiosis is basically an imbalance between positive and negative bacteria in the gut.

Positive bacteria is not a just a "nice to have" it is absolutely essential to the function of your immune system. In fact positive bacteria, or probiotics, account for 70% of your immune response!

That's right! Nearly 3/4 of your immunity is down to probiotics and not your own immune cells. The probiotics work in perfect harmony with your own immune cells identifying and destroying negative bacteria and viruses and generally keeping you well. Another amazing fact is that your body actually contains more bacteria cells than it does your own cells!

So we've established that your immune system is highly dependent on probiotics but what happens when you don't have enough of them? 

When there isn't enough probiotics in your body to keep pathogenic bacteria and viruses under control your system starts to build up toxins and you lose the feeling of well being. You are poisoned from the inside out!

Negative bacteria can break down the wall of protective cells between your gut and your blood stream (leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability) allowing pathogens to pass into your blood and spread through your body. Also as the gut wall begins to fail particles of food, which are too big, pass into the blood stream. The immune system takes this to be an invasion and produces an immune response also known as allergies!

To keep your gut and immune system working effectively and comfortably it is essential to keep your probiotic colonies topped up with probiotic foods or a top quality probiotic supplement like the one we produce at Totnes Health. 

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