Totnes Health Super Strength Probiotic

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Soil based probiotic outperforms Lacto-Bacteria. 60 Days Supply.

You only need 1, easy-to-swallow capsule per day. And a single bottle lasts 60 days. How?

Because Totnes’ probiotics contain B. Subtillus. A strain so hardy, it can survive in outer space. It forms a protective shell of spores, passing safely through the stomach’s acid. Straight to the small intestine where you need it most.

B. Subtillus is your gut’s gatekeeper

As it crowds out bad bacteria, you notice you’re less bloated. Digestion is easier. Gas is reduced. Plus, Totnes’ 6 other probiotics are now easily absorbed into the body. 5.06 billion CFUs aggressively combat bad bacteria which makes you feel rotten. And protect your intestine’s wall from future attack

At last, you experience blessed relief from allergies, acute infections and digestive illnesses which make you miserable. Totnes’ illness-fighting bacteria includes the Lactobacillus strains: L. Rhamnosus L. Acidophilus and L. Plantarum. Umberto Hospital in Venice found they relieved IBS symptoms by 55.6% in only 28 days

Do you suffer allergies? Wait for the benefits of Totnes’ L-Casei and L. Acidophilus strains. 680 million CFUs each. Japanese scientists tested L. acidophilus on 49 allergy sufferers. Within 8 weeks, their relentless symptoms vanished. Meanwhile, a 2008 study from Britain’s Institute of Food Research found L-Casei significantly alleviates allergy symptoms. But you don’t have to believe it. Try it - and notice the difference in less than 6 weeks. Totnes’ formula for fighting digestive issues is so efficient, a 60-day supply costs just $19.97. Joyful relief from bloating, gas, cramps, viruses, antibiotic side-effects and acute infections. All for less than 37 cents a day. 10X less than you’d spend on Kefir and expensive yoghurts. And unlike costly foods, you are guaranteed total freedom from your symptoms. If, after 60 days, you are not 100% satisfied, return the empty tub. You get a full refund. No questions asked