About Us

Totnes Health was founded by Shaun Elliott after he discovered the amazing, and little known, benefits of probiotics.

Shaun had suffered for decades with hay fever and tried all sorts of remedies from anti-histamines to red light therapy and salt pipes.

Nothing really helped and some remedies, particularly antihistamines, had horrible side effects.

Then one hay fever season  passed with hardly any symptoms but no explanation as to why. Shaun started to go back over what he was doing differently that year and eventually realised that he had taken probiotics after a course of dental antibiotics.

A little research revealed that probiotics can be exceptionally effective for curing allergies and many more health problems where dysbiosis is the cause.

Dysbiosis is a shortage of probiotic bacteria in the gut which can lead to all sorts of health problems from IBS to food intolerance and of course - allergies.

Shaun became an immediate advocate of probiotics and made it his mission to help as many people as possible overcome their dysbiosis related health problems.

From there Totnes Health was born when Shaun teamed up with one of the best quality supplement Labs in the US to produce an optimum blend of super strong soil based probiotics combined with a range of more delicate organisms that need the soil based probiotics to clear the way of toxic negative bacteria and allow them to successfully colonise. 

The Totnes Health name was inspired by the town of Totnes where Shaun lives in the UK. Totnes is famous world wide as centre for art, culture and natural well being.